Outlook 2010 Is Not Receiving Emails

User does not get email in outlook 

So, your outlook is working properly. It is not able to receive emails as it could usually. No worries. There are some steps given below. Just try them and you will be out of your technical trouble. If in case, you could not understand any of the steps, you can get online assistance at Outlook Tech Support Phone Number.
Steps to resolve outlook email problem
Stop all the running programs and give a restart to your computer. Doing this may resolve your problem. Check whether the problem persists. If yes, move to the next step.
Look for any antivirus scan that may be running currently at your system. They might have locked the outlook as there could be a doubtful file in any of the email. If antivirus scan is working, then let if finish. For more information on how antivirus locks the outlook, you can get online assistance of expert technicians at Outlook customer support.
Go for restoring your computer system for a past date on which you were able to receive emails in your outlook account. Search for ‘system restore’ in the start menu. Choose a date at which you were getting email messages in your outlook 2010. Restore your computer to that date by following on screen instructions.
Please ensure that your computer system is connected to the Internet when you are not able to receive email messages from your outlook 2010. To check internet connection, go to Control panel. Choose ‘Networks and Internet’ and then ‘Network sharing center’. If you are connected, then it is fine. Otherwise, move to your modem (and wireless router if you have) and take out their plug for 10 seconds. Plug them in and let both connect to the internet. Give a restart to your computer. Hopefully, your issue is solved.
Go for Outlook tech support if your technical trouble is not resolved till now. It might be the case that the configuration of the outlook client computer is improper. Move to the bottom of the page and choose ‘Fix this for me’. It will let a wizard download which will help you out.
Remove all the unwanted emails from your Inbox, sent and trash folder. In order to delete the messages, choose all the emails that you want to remove and click on the delete button on your keyboard. You can also delete more than one message by pressing CTRL key.
When you delete these emails, they will move to the trash folder. Go and choose ‘Empty folder’ in order to delete these emails permanently from your computer system.
If you have followed all the steps properly and still your problem is not resolved, then you can use outlook support number to talk with experts. You can call on day time as well as night time. Certified technicians are available for round the clock. So, give us a call and let your technical trouble go away. 


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